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The Summer Camp

Harlem Fashion Week established the HFW Learning Center; a non-profit organization that seeks to educate the next generation of fashion industry professionals. HFW provides fashion business workshops, fashion tours throughout NYC and bi-annual Fashion Business Symposiums. In addition Harlem Fashion Week has launched the HFW Fashion Academy for boys and girls ages 6-16, to provide our youth with marketable skills to launch a successful career in the fashion industry.


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HFW KIDS FASHION ACADEMY will have drop-in celebrity guests invited from some of these amazing companies.

Fashion Design & Sewing Class

During this course we will combine your love of fashion, and creativity as you explore and learn how to express your inner-artist. This class is for aspiring fashion designers to learn about fashion illustration, color use, pattern creation, personal style, texture combinations, sewing basics, glamorous embellishments, and much more.


Students will create:

- Fashion Illustrations

- Custom Tote Bags

- Custom Face Masks

*projects may vary based on supplies and instructors

Special Boys to Men class

To encourage the inclusion of boys in the fashion industry this class will teach "Mentorship through Modeling"


Boys will learn the following skills:

- Public Speaking

- Male Modeling

- Editorial Photoshoots


*projects may vary based on supplies and instructors

Fashion History + Cultural Art

Students will learn the history of the Black Experience in Fashion, through a journey that begins with a study of African Art and Culture and end with a history of Harlem fashion that includes a guided tour around Harlem some of the landmarks from the Harlem renaissance.


In this class, students will learn about:

- Black Fashion Designers

- African Influence within clothing

- Harlem Fashion throughout the decades

- Design their own clothing based on African Culture

- Create a presentation that reflects their identity


*projects may vary based on supplies and instructors

Fashion S.T.E.A.M

This course will teach the elements of science, technology, engineering and the arts through the development of fashion projects


In this class, students will:

- Visit the garment district

- Custom Designed T-shirts

- Custom Design Sneakers

- Create a clothing pattern from scratch

- Learn about the various types of fabric

- Learn about the various measure of rule through fashion.




*projects may vary based on supplies and instructors

HFW KIDS: Fashion Gallery

ALL HFW KIDS Summer Camp Participants will have the opportunity to be young entrepreneurs and SELL THEIR WORK to family and friends. At the culminating Art Show

on Saturday, July 2nd 2022

HFW Fashion Festival

ALL HFW KIDS Summer Camp Participants will be

in the culminating runway show in the heart of Harlem

on Sunday, July 3rd 2022

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